Approaching change, challenges or unpredicted life situations can be very hard to do alone.  Often those around us offer positive informal support which is very well intended, but when the limits of that support have been reached having an professional step in can make a substantial difference.  Often looking at all areas of ones life, including the mental, physical and spiritual aspects, can allow for meangful change and an increased ability to treat yourself with new health and well being. I offer a very comfortable environment promoting the courage to work towards attainable goals, focussed on new opportunites for improvement.  Efforts will focus on meaningful techniques promoting self care, awareness of self in differing identities (parental, relationships and work) and the encouragement towards creating a personally satisfying path in life.  


Individual Therapy

Relationship Counselling

Mens' Issues

New career/Retirement Support

Life Transitions

Anger/Stress Management 

Anxiety/Panic Disorders

Depression and Mood Disorders

Addiction and Substance Use Issues


Sexual Assault

Anxiety/Panic Disorder


Grief and Loss