Couple Therapy

Relationships are very dynamic and function best when change and conflict are worked through allowing opportunities to grow and flourish. Often routine and circumstances can mask systemic or underlying problems, leading to breach of trust instances or persistent conflict.  I work with couples to improve communications strategies and encourage open and constructive avenues to optimize new strengths in thier relationship.  Strong listening skills, focussing on empathic opportunities and asking honest and mindful questions, are a number of techniques I use when working with couples.   I offer realistic solutions, which are focussed on attainable goals and agreed upon newly established stradegies moving forward.

Areas of Specialization


Premarital and marriage

Separation and divorce

Breach of trust or infidelity

Navigating difficult/unanticipated circumstances

Examining previous relationships

Techniques encouraging respect and relationship integrity.

Financial Concerns

Co-parenting strategies

Parental planning/infertility concerns

Blended family dynamics